Kolala Productions

Record design, music video, photography, illustration

Chicanes is an insight into Laure Boer’s extensive noise experimentation with no-input mixer and self-built light sensitive stones. It is a 27 minute record of angriness, grouching and dissatisfaction. It is a catharsis for overload and invasive feelings, transforming in a euphoric dance. Recorded in Manila (PH) and Berlin (DE). Listen to it and get your copy incl. a bunch of goodies here.

The poster cover is printed on neon yellow paper and features our font Vendamn, a contemporary interpretation of the classic French font Vendome.

Laure Boer

Visual Identity, Poster, Flyer, Website

Torpor is a contribution to the project “Composite by the Numbers,” created and curated by Dayang Yraola. Laure Boer’s score is based on the COVID-19-statistics by the Robert Koch Institute, Germany. Recorded first time in December 2020, the piece has since then been performed in three versions. The latest show took place at Rabih Beaini’s Morphine Raum in 2022 with Dayang Yraola and Tusa Montes from the Philippines as special guests.

Concert photos by Wataru Murakami

Skrapez and Laure Boer

Art work, photography

Skrapez from San Diego, California have made a split record with Laure Boer from Berlin, Germany. Recorded in San Diego and Berlin. The square shaped ltd. edition record is manufactured in the US on a lathe cutting machine. Photos: Skrapez and BANK™

Kunst im Quartier, Hamburg

Visual Identity, Poster, Flyer, Social Media

Duo exhibition by Penny Monogiou and Laure Boer. In a space and sound installation, the artists showed their own works as well as a large-scale textile collage they created together. The artist duo Mahnke/Hoffmann provided curatorial support and complemented the exhibition with a bar installation. Thanks to the Consul General of Cyprus, Andreas Kyriacou, for attending the opening and concert.

What is it about motherhood that frightens the art world? What reactions do female artists who have recently become mothers face when they reflect on their experiences in their work? Between divinity and eroticism, tender mother figure and sexy power being — the exhibition plays with questions about motherhood in the art world. Images of Madonnas have adorned European art museums and history books for centuries. The need to depict Maria lactans, the breastfeeding mother of God, was so strong that it developed into a genre of its own. Nevertheless, motherhood remains a critical theme in art to this day.

Concert photos by Lucas Betz, Lashproduction