Kunst im Quartier, Hamburg

Visual Identity, Poster, Flyer, Social Media

Duo exhibition by Penny Monogiou and Laure Boer. In a space and sound installation, the artists showed their own works as well as a large-scale textile collage they created together. The artist duo Mahnke/Hoffmann provided curatorial support and complemented the exhibition with a bar installation. Thanks to the Consul General of Cyprus, Andreas Kyriacou, for attending the opening and concert.

What is it about motherhood that frightens the art world? What reactions do female artists who have recently become mothers face when they reflect on their experiences in their work? Between divinity and eroticism, tender mother figure and sexy power being — the exhibition plays with questions about motherhood in the art world. Images of Madonnas have adorned European art museums and history books for centuries. The need to depict Maria lactans, the breastfeeding mother of God, was so strong that it developed into a genre of its own. Nevertheless, motherhood remains a critical theme in art to this day.

Concert photos by Lucas Betz, Lashproduction

Untitled (Mothers)