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BANK™ / Graphic Design Today
Aufbau Haus / Planet Modulor
Prinzenstraße 85 C
10969 Berlin

+49 (0)30 24 04 75 70 / -72
IG: @bank_graphic_design_today

BANKTM Studio Aufbau Haus am Moritzplatz

BANK™ is a German/French graphic design studio based at Planet Modulor in Berlin. Since 2004 we create design concepts and manage the entire physical and digital production – from visual identities to books and websites.

Our clients are large and small institutions as well as commercial players with a focus on art, culture, architecture, and social politics.

BANK™ designs have been seen in more than 60 printed publications and over 30 bienniales and exhibitions around the globe. We’ve won a couple of prestigious awards such as the Certificate of Typographic Excellence by TDC NY 2022, the Gold Award of the Hong Kong Poster Triennial 2021 and 100 Best Posters 2020 and 2022, and we are regularly invited as jury members, e.g. at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and the GDC China, Shenzhen, to name a few.

In spring 2023 we co-founded the Architektursalon Berlin and the monthly event series Turnaround. Climate Action in Architecture to discuss how to tackle the challenges the world is facing these days. We’ve held numerous lectures worldwide, and teach internationally at art academies in China, Germany, France, Sweden, and Great Britain since more than 14 years.

Our typeface Guida is available at Colophon Foundry, London. And please feel invited to join our initiative Type on Earth – submit your photos!


Visual Identities
Brand Strategy
Editorial Design
Book Design
Type Design
Orientation Systems
Web Design (UI/UX)
Web Development
Sound Design
Motion Design

Selected Clients

Magnum Photos, Paris
TIME Magazine, New York
ETH Zurich, Architecture Department
Bode Museum (Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz)
MKM Museum Küppersmühle für Moderne Kunst Duisburg
Galerie Michael Haas, Berlin Zurich
Schirmer/Mosel Publishers
Hartmann Publishers
Die Andere Bibliothek Publishers
DCV Publishers
University Bochum, Architecture Department

Selected Artists

Martin Assig
Maria Balea
Olaf Bastigkeit
Birthe Blauth
Kirstin Burckhardt
Claudia Christoffel
George Crîngașu
Peter De Potter
Anne Gathmann
Frank Gerritz
Anneli Käsmayr
Pia Lanzinger
Jakob Mattner
Penny Monogiou
David Nicholson
Reinhard Pods
Theodoulos Polyviou
Marie Rief
Gerd Rohling


Sebastian Bissinger
Laure Boer

Internships / Job Applications

If you think your designs match with what we do, please feel free to send us a portfolio-PDF via email. Please excuse that the reply might take a while because of the amount of applications.

Former Team Members

Jose Béreaud (FR)
Erwan Coutellier (FR)
Matthieu David (FR)
Sarah Discours (FR)
Delphine Dubuisson (FR)
Aimeric Guerre (IDN/FR)
Laura Knoops (FR)
Célestin Krier aka Back to the Cave (FR)
Yi-Chin Lai (TWN)
Soraya Lutangu aka Bonaventure (CH)
René Munneke (NL)
Ibrahim Öztaş (DE)
Mikel Orphée (NL)
Michelle Phillips aka Yukiko (DE/GB)
Simon Renström (SWE)
Maud Serradell (FR)
Adam Slowik (DE)
Lisa Solovieva (CH)

Selected Publications

  • Slanted Magazine #42, Books, (DE), 2023
  • 100 Beste Plakate 22 Deutschland / Österreich / Schweiz, Kettler, (DE), 2023
  • The World’s Best Typography
. The 43. Annual of the Type Directors Club 2022, Hermann Schmidt, (DE)
  • Hong Kong International Poster Triennial 2021, (CN), 2021
  • 100 Beste Plakate 20 Deutschland / Österreich / Schweiz, Kettler, (DE), 2021
  • Deutscher Drucker No. 23, (DE), 2020
  • Slanted Magazine #36, Coexist, (DE), 2020
  • zine.without.a.crown, Vol. V, (PL), 2020
  • Page Magazine, (DE), issue 9/2019
  • Web and Digital for Graphic Designers, Bloomsbury Visual Arts, (GB), 2019
  • China TDC, Sandu, (CN), 2019
  • Notamuse, Niggli, (CH), 2019
  • 10 Years of Design Summer, Hesign Intl., (CN/DE), 2018
  • Die Chronik, Die Andere Bibiliothek, (DE), 2018
  • Morgen und davor, Hermann Schmidt, (DE), 2017
  • Grauzone: das Plakat zwischen Kunst und Design, (DE), 2016
  • 30 Jahre. Das Journal, Die Andere Bibiliothek, (DE), 2015
  • Brigitte, (DE), 2014
  • Süddeutsche Zeitung, (DE), 2014
  • F.A.Z., (DE), 2014
  • Die Presse, (AT), 2013
  • One by One, Hesign Intl., China, (DE), 2012
  • Los Logos 6, Die Gestalten, (DE), 2012
  • Behind The Zines, Die Gestalten, (DE), 2011
  • Handmade Type, Rotovision, (GB), 2011
  • The Best of One-And-Two-Color Graphics, Page One, (SG), 2011
  • Press Kits Design and Packaging, Page One, (SG), 2011
  • Die Presse, (AT), 2011
  • Designers’ Identities, Laurence King, (GB), 2010
  • Graphic Beats, Monsa, (ES), 2010
  • Slanted Magazine 12, Magma, (DE), 2010
  • Typoshirt One, Index, (ES), 2010
  • 3D Typography, Mark Batty New York, (USA), 2010
  • Designer’s Own Business Card Vol. 1, Index, (ES), 2010
  • Licht Magazin, Die Krieger des Lichts, (DE), 2010
  • Los Logos. Compass, Die Gestalten, (DE), 2010
  • Dazed & Confused Magazine, (GB), 2010
  • Form Magazin, (DE), 2010
  • Blueprint Magazine, (GB), 2010
  • Design Week Magazine, (GB), 2010
  • The Financial Times, (GB), 2010
  • The Evening Standard, (GB), 2010
  • Typodarium 2011, A Type Calendar, Hermann Schmidt, (DE), 2010
  • For Love and Money, Laurence King, (GB), 2010
  • Gestaltung, Typografie, etc., Niggli, (CH), 2009
  • Berlin Design, Braun, (CH), 2009
  • Neuland – The future of German graphic design, Actar, (ES), 2009
  • Small Studios, Hesign Intl., China, (DE), 2009
  • 2 Colors. Low Budget, High Impact, Mao Mao, (ES), 2009
  • Design And Design. Book Of the Year 2008, Index, (ES), 2009
  • 1000 Supreme CD Designs, Mao Mao, (ES), 2008
  • Playful Type, Die Gestalten, (DE), 2008
  • Los Logos 4, Die Gestalten, (DE), 2008
  • Kelvin. Colour Today, Die Gestalten, (DE), 2007
  • New Visual Works. German Graphic Style, LST, (CN), 2007
  • La Petite Fabrique, (FR), 2007
  • Lodown Magazin, (DE), 2006
  • Introducing, Die Gestalten, (DE), 2006
  • Serialize, Die Gestalten, (DE), 2006
  • Es gibt keine Konkurrenz zu uns – Design in Berlin, Vice Versa, (DE), 2005
  • Page Magazin, (DE), 2004
  • Die Klasse Magazin #2, Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, (CH), 2004
  • Umbruch, HfK Bremen, (DE), 2001
  • Sec.07, (NL), 2000
  • 10 Jahre HfK Bremen, Temmen, (DE), 2000
  • Jahrbuch des Type Directors Club NY, (USA), 1999
  • Kalenderbuch der Büchergilde Gutenberg, (DE), 1999
  • Output, Rat für Formgebung, (DE), 1999
  • International Annual for Communication Design, Red Dot Award (formerly Auszeichnung für hohe Designqualität), Design Zentrum NRW, (DE), 1998
  • nulleins, HfK Bremen, (DE), 1997

Selected Exhibitions

  • Ame Laroc Festival, Valhinos São Paulo, (BR), 2023
  • 100 Beste Plakate 22 Deutschland / Österreich / Schweiz, (DE, AT, CH, CN), 2023
  • The World’s Best Typography, Typography 43, traveling exhibition, 2022
  • Type Directors Club Exhibition for 2022, traveling exhibition
  • DAM Architectural Book Award 2022, Frankfurt/M. (DE)
  • Die Schönsten Deutschen Bücher 2022, Frankfurt/M. (DE)
  • Hong Kong International Poster Triennial 2021, (CN), 2021
  • 100 Beste Plakate 20 Deutschland / Österreich / Schweiz, (DE, AT, CH, CN), 2021
  • 4th Shenzhen Int’l Poster Festival, (CN), 2021
  • Bangkok Through Poster, Kinjai Contemporary, (TH), 2019
  • China TDC 2017, (CN), 2017
  • Anschlag. Zeitgeistmedium Plakat, traveling exhibition (Peking, Macao, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Xian, Kunming), (CN), 2017
  • Shenzhen Intl. Poster Festival, (CN), 2016
  • 1/2, Felix & Foam, Museum for Photography solo show, Amsterdam (NL), 2014
  • Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle MACHT KUNST, Berlin (DE), 2013
  • 1/2, The Reading Room, Do You Read Me?!, solo show, Berlin (DE), 2013
  • 1/2, Center of Contemporary Art Tbilisi, solo show, (GE), 2013
  • Duplicata, Aufbau Haus/Planet Modulor, solo show, Berlin (DE), 2012
  • Insight 51 Garage Show, Los Angeles (USA), 2012
  • Eventaire #1, Center of Contemporary Art Mulhouse, (FR), 2011
  • 1/2, Beyond the Other Side, Institut Français, solo show, Vienna (AT), 2011
  • Pop-up library, Café Royal Books, Preston (GB), 2010
  • Le Mois du blanc… Le mois du noir…, Galerie l’Art de Rien, Paris (FR), 2010
  • 1/2, Galerie Ofr, solo show, Paris (FR), 2010
  • A Pop Up Reading Room, Thames & Hudson, London (GB), 2010
  • Even my Mum Can Make a Book, Manzara Perspectives, Istanbul (TR), 2010
  • Kaugummi & Friends, Éditions Kaugummi, Rennes (FR), 2010
  • 1/2, SiebenStern Kulturzentrum, solo show, Vienna (AT), 2010
  • Thanks for Sharing!, Leipzig (DE), 2010
  • Book Worm, Hangzhou (CN), 2009
  • In Dolls we trust, Galerie l’Art de Rien, Paris (FR), 2009
  • Ein X und ein U, 23. Forum Typografie, Weserburg, Bremen (DE), 2008
  • Synth Eastwood, with Daquar, Dublin (IE), 2007
  • Dolls Art, Galerie l’Art de Rien, Paris (FR), 2006
  • Top Shop, with Ian Warner, Berlin (DE), 2004
  • Festival International de l’Affiche de Chaumont, with Nikolai Wolff, Chaumont (FR), 2000
  • Profile Intermedia 3, with Nikolai Wolff, Bremen (DE), 2000


BANK™ / Graphic Design Today
Bissinger & Boer GbR
Prinzenstraße 85 C
10969 Berlin
+49 (0)30 24 04 75 70 / -72

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