l’atelier – Nomadic Architecture Studio

Visual identity, web design, coding

The website for l’atelier represents the diversity of an architecture practice through a powerful organizational system. A ‘view-mode’ gives access to the work through strong images and teasing headlines. A ‘list-mode’ offers an overview of technical aspects. Depending on the motivations of the viewer, the navigation facilitates both browsing and targeted inquiries. The landing page features short videos presenting both the diverse projects of the studio as well as a series of reflections by the studio’s architects: the role of public space, the importance of theoretical research and quality in small homes.



Die Andere Bibliothek

Book design, illustration, trade booth

“Tausend und Ein Tag still needs to be discovered. Pure pleasure due to a new deluxe edition.”
(Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)

Tausend und Ein Tag is a 1100-pages special edition book. Besides the book design and type setting BANK™ designed a 30 meter wide panoramic fold-out illustration made from old Persian, Indian and Arabic arts as well as modern, own elements. The massive, folio sized book weights 9 pounds and is printed with five colors, including two day glow colors. In addition BANK™ designed the trade booth for the Frankfurt Book Fair as well as posters and flyers for the book launch. Featured in, i.a.: F.A.Z., Brigitte, Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Colophon Foundry

Type design

As passionate travelers, Sebastian Bissinger and Laure Boer (BANK™) extensively reference, collect and observe typefaces applied to road, train and wayfinding vernacular on their travels. It was through this constant research that they fell upon the initial reference for Guida—an Italian license plate used somewhere between 1980—1990, existing only in UPPERCASE and numerical forms. The reference contained forms that did not follow optically-driven or corrected expectation, but were drawn through rules of a mechanically dictated process, causing an optical but charming idiosyncratic sensibility. Through testing on a variety of commissions, including a series of video essays that we realized for Time Magazine, New York, we refined many iterations and extended the typeface to include a variety of extra glyphs, forms and alternates, allowing type users further depth and choice.

Guida is available in four weights—Light, Regular, Bold and Black—with corresponding italics over two families—Guida, with its characteristic bevelling; and Guida Sharp, a non-bevelled variant. Both have accompanying Monospace cuts. Further help from Milène Laforge means that Guida is now available to license in both Standard (‘STD’) and Professional (‘PRO’) versions, the latter containing a range of additional OpenType features and array of alternate characters.

Available exclusively from Colophon Foundry

Galerie Michael Haas
Galerie Haas Zürich

Catalogue design, invitation

The paintings of the Berlin artist Reinhard Pods are gestural abstract; layers of paint in intense colors, scribbled lines smeared into streaks, enigmatic graffiti writings and deformed bodies in large format are staggered against dense spaces. The catalog was published on the occasion of the exhibition R. Pods Bilder 1976–2021 with a text by the Swiss curator Gianni Jetzer. The special feature of the catalogue is a fold-out leporello which presents Pods’ painting from 1976 to 2021.

eFeF, weltwärts

Visual identity, editorial design, workshops

Conferences about post-growth, human rights, migration and refuge. Organized by eFeF, a platform for protestant organizations which are involved in the program weltwärts – the German governmental program for volunteer services. Supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Brot für die Welt and EKD.

BANK™, self-initiated project

Editorial, web design, coding

Type on Earth is a curated online archive about photos of typography from all around the world. It doesn’t matter if the letter designs are done in an amateurish or professional manner unless they are striking and surprisingly unique. Type on Earth is a community based project and everybody is welcome to participate. You can send your high resolution photos using the submit form here. We are thrilled to receive your submissions!


Skrapez and Laure Boer

Art work, photography

Skrapez from San Diego, California have made a split record with Laure Boer from Berlin, Germany. Recorded in San Diego and Berlin. The square shaped ltd. edition record is manufactured in the US on a lathe cutting machine. Photos: Skrapez and BANK™

Kunstraum Kirche/Bistum Fulda
Kerber Verlag

Visual identity, editorial design, signage, art print

On the occasion of the documenta 14, the church of St. Elisabeth invited the German artist Anne Gathmann to realize a site specific installation. The artwork is one large hanging bow, consisting of 4000 aluminum bars. The single bar with its distinctive shape and materiality becomes the key visual for the whole visual identity and is found on all the printed matters.


Visual identity, web design, coding

Disco tunes and pillow talk. The Berlin-based boy group Philemic combine tender vocals, cold sequences and hip-shaking basslines to paint a very own, modern interpretation of the 80s dance floor.


Band photos by Benjakon

Galerie Michael Haas

Catalogue design

The exhibition and book are titled after an eponymous cycle of work and emphasizes the artist’s two creative poles, the writer and the painter. Sava Sekulić (1902–1989) created thousands of poems, drawings and plays. He learned to read and write as well as to paint and draw himself. Sekulić emphasized this identity as an autodidact in his signature CCC. In the Cyrillic alphabet, it stands for the first letters of his first and last name as well for ‘samouk’ meaning ‘autodidact.’