Yours, Karim

Visual Identity, logo, merch

Radical Softness. Pop is the new indie and our favorite boy group changed its name: Philemic became Yours, Karim.

Photos on printed matters and social media by Benjakon, merch stand photo by Lucie Leichsering

Related projects:

Kolala Productions

Record design, music video, photography, illustration

Chicanes is an insight into Laure Boer’s extensive noise experimentation with no-input mixer and self-built light sensitive stones. It is a 27 minute record of angriness, grouching and dissatisfaction. It is a catharsis for overload and invasive feelings, transforming in a euphoric dance. Recorded in Manila (PH) and Berlin (DE). Listen to it and get your copy incl. a bunch of goodies here.

The poster cover is printed on neon yellow paper and features our font Vendamn, a contemporary interpretation of the classic French font Vendome.

l’atelier – Nomadic Architecture Studio

Visual identity, web design, coding

The website for l’atelier represents the diversity of an architecture practice through a powerful organizational system. A ‘view-mode’ gives access to the work through strong images and teasing headlines. A ‘list-mode’ offers an overview of technical aspects. Depending on the motivations of the viewer, the navigation facilitates both browsing and targeted inquiries. The landing page features short videos presenting both the diverse projects of the studio as well as a series of reflections by the studio’s architects: the role of public space, the importance of theoretical research and quality in small homes.


Laure Boer

Visual Identity, Poster, Flyer, Website

Torpor is a contribution to the project “Composite by the Numbers,” created and curated by Dayang Yraola. Laure Boer’s score is based on the COVID-19-statistics by the Robert Koch Institute, Germany. Recorded first time in December 2020, the piece has since then been performed in three versions. The latest show took place at Rabih Beaini’s Morphine Raum in 2022 with Dayang Yraola and Tusa Montes from the Philippines as special guests.

Concert photos by Wataru Murakami

Minimum Success Records

Visual identity, logo, typeface, record covers

Minimum Success is the new Finnish/Berlin techno label. Their first release feat. six lost gabber techno tunes produced in Finland in the mid 90ties by Amalgam 5 (Klas-Henrik Lindblad & Markus Irwin Berg). Song titles give a good impression of the music 🙂 We’ve designed a typeface, did the label logo and a wild series of cover designs – watch out for next releases…

Kunstraum Kirche/Bistum Fulda
Edition Braus (Verlag)

Visual profile, editorial design, printed matters, signage

Site specific exhibition by Birthe Blauth in the Church St Elisabeth on the occasion of the documenta fifteen, Kassel 2022. Duration 4 months.

The pearl-imagery and the green colorway break down the site specific artwork itself to its bare essence. The inner space of the whole church is covered with artificial meadow, a hi-tech kind of astro turf. In the middle there is a big bowl containing 100,000 real pearls. Topic is the paradise as a state of absolute perfection.

Award: 100 Beste Plakate 22 (100 Best Posters 22)

Various clients

Logo design, visual identity

We’ve developed numerous visual identies and logos for a wide range of clients. Here’s a little selection.

Hartmann Books
Wolfgang Bellwinkel

Book design

Vast Land by Wolfgang Bellwinkel is a photographic study of the last three capitals of Myanmar: Mandalay (1857–1885), Yangon (1885–2005) and Naypyitaw (since 2005). Bellwinkel’s photographs tell the story of a country in which one tragedy has followed another since the mid 19th century: colonial appropriation, world and civil wars, natural disasters, military dictatorship, ethnic conflicts, expulsions. In contrast to the drama and density of the events, Bellwinkel’s images are sober and precise photographs with which he exposes the character and the different layers of time of the three cities. Complementing the photographs, the 20-page essay by sociologist Heinz Schütte provides an in-depth look at the history and present of the featured cities.

Berliner Architektursalon

Visual identity, co-curation, coding

A series of monthly events for a new quality of togetherness and future perspectives about the sustainable transformation of our cities.

It has been known for a long time that architecture, the building industry and urban planning have a considerable share in our current climate misery. Yet those responsible have often declared themselves not responsible and shifted the demands for less energy consumption and emissions or more greening and climate-friendly building materials back and forth: sometimes it was not financially feasible, sometimes it was not practically feasible, sometimes it was simply not desired. In this way, we have all lost valuable time, so that not only the impatience of the urban society has increased, but also the factual urgency. Because yes, we must finally act and correct course. We need a sustainable transformation of our built environment. Together with experts from design, the real estate industry, urban development politics and everyone interested in an ecological transformation of our built environment, we want to discuss how a real building turnaround can succeed.

At the launch event on 18 April 2023, our guests were New European Bauhaus and the Bauhaus of the Earth. What are their goals for a sustainable building sector and how do they want to achieve them?

Turnaround is conceived and initiated by the Architektursalon Berlin: Sebastian Bissinger & Laure Boer (BANK™), Jason Danziger (thinkbuild), Erhard An-He Kinzelbach (KNOW­SPACE), Sven Sappelt (CLB Berlin), Martin Schmitt (Martin Schmitt Architektur).

Photos by Wolfgang Bellwinkel

Galerie Michael Haas

Book design

This 96 pages book shows various works by the German artist Frank Gerritz. Published on the occasion of two parallel exhibitions at Galerie Haas Berlin and Kunst Lager Haas. The cover is printed with Pantone silver on black cardboard for maximum similarity between the material of the sculpture and its printed reproduction.