Yours, Karim

Visual Identity, logo, merch

Radical Softness. Pop is the new indie and our favorite boy group changed its name: Philemic became Yours, Karim.

Band photos by Benjakon, merch stand photo by Lucie Leichsering

Related projects:

Laure Boer

Visual Identity, Poster, Flyer, Website

Torpor is a contribution to the project “Composite by the Numbers,” created and curated by Dayang Yraola. Laure Boer’s score is based on the COVID-19-statistics by the Robert Koch Institute, Germany. Recorded first time in December 2020, the piece has since then been performed in three versions. The latest show took place at Rabih Beaini’s Morphine Raum in 2022 with Dayang Yraola and Tusa Montes from the Philippines as special guests.

MKM Museum Küppersmühle für Moderne Kunst Duisburg

Visual Identity, book, posters, lettering

500 works on 1100 sqm – The first big retrospective of Martin Assig “Weil ich Mensch bin” in the absolutely stunning MKM Museum Küppersmühle, built by Herzog & de Meuron.

Besides the show’s identity and poster we did the catalogue “Weil ich Mensch bin.” It is published by Schirmer/Mosel and turned out to be an actual artist monograph, grouping works from the last 24 years to thematical clusters such as “Exercises in Wonder,” “Stock Pile. World” or “Aura Authors.” On 312 pages the bilingual, German/English hardcover book contains 236 paintings and drawings as well as essays by Wolfgang Ullrich and Kay Heymer and a conversation between the museum’s director Walter Smerling and the artist.

Museum photography (courtesy by MKM Duisburg) by: Simon Menges (outdoor), Daniel Sadrowski, Martin Assig (indoor)

Minimum Success Records

Visual identity, logo, typeface, record covers

Minimum Success is the new Finnish/Berlin techno label. Their first release feat. six lost gabber techno tunes produced in Finland in the mid 90ties by Amalgam 5 (Klas-Henrik Lindblad & Markus Irwin Berg). Song titles give a good impression of the music 🙂 We’ve designed a typeface, did the label logo and a wild series of cover designs – watch out for next releases…