Bochum University of Applied Science

Visual identity

Architecture Talks present internationally renowned architects’ insights into their practice and research activities. The series focus each year on a specific theme, e.g. ‘Real vs. Digital’ or ‘Think Rural.’ Internationally renowned guests were i.a.: Brandlhuber+ (Berlin), HHF (Basel), Sauerbruch Hutton (Berlin), Sir Thomas Cook / CRAB (London), Herzog & de Meuron (Basel), OMA/AMO (Rotterdam), E2A Zurich, Studio Muoto (Paris).

Bochum University of Applied Science

Book Design with Website Twin

For the relaunch of the annual book we came up with a concept which differs from the university’s publications of the last 10 years. Content replaces marketing. Professors were interviewed by students on specific topics, in two long image passages we show first campus life and second students’ projects. All descriptive text about courses, seminars and modules is reduced to a minimum and grouped together on four pages. Making space for the students’ perspective and output as well as giving a real insight into campus life was our main priority. The table of content doesn’t list chapters as usual, but instead features intriguing and curious terms that we’ve picked out of the interviews. Same for the website. The English translation at the end of the book is printed on blue paper. The cover features all the degree students’ names from 2019, 2020 and 2021.

DAM Architectural Book Award 2022 – Deutsches Architekturmuseum, Shortlist
Die Schönsten Deutschen Bücher 2022 – Longlist