l’atelier – Nomadic Architecture Studio

Visual identity, web design, coding

The website for l’atelier represents the diversity of an architecture practice through a powerful organizational system. A ‘view-mode’ gives access to the work through strong images and teasing headlines. A ‘list-mode’ offers an overview of technical aspects. Depending on the motivations of the viewer, the navigation facilitates both browsing and targeted inquiries. The landing page features short videos presenting both the diverse projects of the studio as well as a series of reflections by the studio’s architects: the role of public space, the importance of theoretical research and quality in small homes.



l’atelier – Nomadic Architecture Studio

Visual identity

ACB – Architectural Coffee Break is a series of monthly online talks and discussions initiated by l’atelier. For each coffee break, l’atelier invites a guest from the architectural field to give a 20-minute informal presentation of a project.